Sep 072011

The gong has been struck. After waving goodbye to Apple, Steve jobs has decided to run for the Presidency of USA.

So his election manifesto is something like this:

Let’s be honest: our country is a financial mess. This is no time to play the blame game. (I’ll make sure that time comes later.) What we need now is leadership.

The U.S.A. needs someone who is both businessperson and innovator. Someone who not only takes advantage of the bully pulpit, but can be a real bully. I think you know who I’m talking about.

Remember how pathetic Apple was when I came back to the company in 1997? It was 90 days from death — and now it’s the most valuable company on the planet. Let’s see Michele Bachmann do that trick.

I want to be your president because I think innovative thinking can help balance our budget in months. Three simple ideas to start with:

1. Tax the rich. I’m not talking about all the rich — just one of the rich. Bill Gates has more money than God, and he’s not giving it away fast enough through his foundation. I say let him keep a billion just so he has some fun money, and pass a special Bill Gates Tax to confiscate the rest. It’s mostly your money anyway.

2. Revamp Social Security. We’re about to run out of funds, so we need to be practical. Let’s give the elderly iTunes Gift Cards instead of cash. I’ll give the Social Security Administration a really good deal, so every dollar they pay Apple will show up as two dollars on a special Social Security iTunes Gift Card. The U.S. saves money and senior citizens enjoy more music, movies and TV shows. Win-win.

3. Reinvent the military. I don’t know about you, but when I spend a billion dollars, I expect to at least get some entertainment value out of it. Our defense spending is over $500 billion every year — and that’s not at all amusing. My solution: a dozen iPads, a clever iOS developer and a couple of servers in a Pentagon broom closet. Honestly, one good app could control thousands of drones and missile systems all over the world. A single soldier could obliterate a small country as easily as he beats a level of Angry Birds, and have fun doing it.

Do we need a businessperson to run this country? Yes. Do we need an innovator to run this country? Yes again. See any others out there who fit the bill? Didn’t think so.

It’s time for every American to set priorities for 2012:

  1. Get a new iPhone 5.
  2. Vote Steve Jobs for President.

Thank you for your support.

banner jobs 9 thumb Steve Jobs for 2012 President

There is also a video at the website which is equally hilarious as this post.

So head over to and have a good laugh.

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Aug 022011

Call it laughable, call it miserable, but has a numbers which say that Android users will ditch Android once iPhone5 hits out in November.

The report is the brainchild of Gene Munster from Piper Jaffray, who

surveyed 216 mobile phone users in Minneapolis about smartphones. Not exactly rocket science, but a good way to get the pulse of consumers and gauge interest in Android and iOS going forward.

piper jaffray smartphone survey august thumb Android owners ready to switch to Apple when iPhone5 arrives?

What is worth noting above is that the “analyst” has taken a sample of 216 people from Minneapolis only. Even an 8th grade student would know that such a sample is grossly ineffective for good analysis, let alone the fact that the actual prediction of numbers rests on many factors including geography, carrier etc etc.

piper jaffray smartphone survey august 2011 thumb Android owners ready to switch to Apple when iPhone5 arrives?

According to the results

94% of iPhone owners plan on buying another iPhone, while just 47% of Android owners plan on buying another Android phone. 42% of Android owners think they’re going to switch to an iPhone.

As for BlackBerry owners, just 26% expect to buy another one. 67% plan on buying an iPhone.

What is interesting here is that the the percentage of the Android folks remains the same at 17%, yet Mr. Munster thinks that 42% of Android folks will switch to iPhone.

We ask our esteemed readers, what should be the actual title of this article?


Jun 132011

We all love and hate our smartphones at one time or the other. But we are too occupied to recollect what we love and hate in our smartphone.

Matthew Inman, aka The Oatmeal, has portrayed very beautifully (sarcastically..hint hint) the love and hate for a smartphone, here’s a glimpse:

1 Loving and hating a smartphone


10 Loving and hating a smartphone


11 Loving and hating a smartphone

There is lot more than these above pics that constitute the comic. Head over to The Oatmeal ( and have yourself a hilarious read.

Thank you Matt for the funny riots…!!!!!


Feb 242011

There are sometimes somethings that are so short and so funny that you can not help yourself reading it again and again. We have something similar from Isaiah’s weblog.

There are three fundamental laws of coding as per Apple. They are:

  1. A developer may not injure Apple or, through inaction, allow Apple to come to harm.
  2. A developer must obey any orders given to it by Apple, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
  3. A developer must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.
  4. — I. Developer

Will smith must be one happy man reading this..!!

Feb 122011

Nokia’s decision to gang up with Microsoft was not too well liked by anyone – the stock price is down, and developers are pissed as hell. However, Nokia is not their first “strategic mobile partner”!

The folks from AsymCo have now written a very interesting post:

Microsoft’s new “strategic partnership” with Nokia is not its first. For a decade the software company has courted and consummated relationships with a variety of companies in mobile and telecom. Here are the ones I can remember:

Hit the link above to find out more – it’s more than worth it!

Jan 152011

We have always seen the indulging texter (or e-mailer) so immersed in the device who pays no heed even if an atom bomb is on the way at 125mph. Please see for yourself.


Now with MS giving out similar ads where people get so absorbed in their phones that they bump into anything imaginable, seems like MS was correct after all.

PS: At Tamoggemon, we are always concerned about your safety. Hence, we request you to avoid texting or e-mailing on the move…!!

Jan 082011

Seems like a developer should be a bonded labor who should be paid no wages, made to pay his bills on his own, and spending scores of hours to create wonderful apps which everyone wants for FREE…!! Mathew Inman drew this idea subtly into humor (I will refer to it as black humor).

Please enjoy…

1 Irony of a developers life...

5 Irony of a developers life...

Please share your views to win cool stuff…!!

Dec 282010

Some things leave even seasoned industry professionals speechless. The pineapple story is unforgettable – and there’s another similarly funny happening from the USA.

MSNBC reports the following, incredibly funny story:

He pulled what the cooks thought was a gun and demanded money, according to police. But the cooks grabbed knives and said they weren’t handing anything over.

At that point, Taylor became apologetic …

Taylor was gone by the time police arrived, but they caught up with him a short time later. Officers said Taylor confessed to the crime, but told them he didn’t have a gun, but used an iPhone.

Human stupidity truly knows no limits…

Nov 252010

Governmental stupidity has given us more than one entry for our funny stuff category – the latest tidbits are below:

No DSLRs in Kuwait
Don’t ask me what problems the Kuwaiti Government has with DSLR’s – but the Kuwaiti Times reports that Kuwaiti individuals are no longer allowed to own professional-grade cameras:

The Ministry of Information, Ministry of Social Affairs and Ministry of Finance have put the ban in place. Start burying your DSLRs in the backyard once the Ministry of Interior join the club.

No phones for single women in India
The Times of India brings us a similarly smart move from rural India:

A village panchayat here has banned the use of mobile phones by unmarried girls, a move they feel would prevent them from eloping with their lovers.

Given the lack of popular physical action against government officials, I dare to accept bets on the fact that it won’t take long until we’ll have two more hilarious cases of governmental stupidity…

P.S. If you are affected, accept our compassion.