Mar 182012

When Brooke Crothers stopped at two Apple stores at two different locations, he was looking to sort out his inner conflict on – “should I update my iPad or not”. But here is what he found out

After attending a meeting in Hollywood on Friday, I stopped by an Apple store down the street in Century City (aka, Beverly Hills) and another in Santa Monica. I estimate I spent more than two hours total in those two stores.

My intention was not only to try to gauge the level of interest in the new iPad but also to form (I hoped) a bulletproof rationale for upgrading from my iPad 2.

During the course of comparing my iPad 2 with the new iPad (see photos) one numbingly consistent (as in "here we go again") query to Apple staff by prospective buyers–and I’ll paraphrase–was: "Hey, I really don’t see any difference between this new iPad and my iPad 2. Can you show me what’s different?"

The Apple staff was quick to rattle off 4G, better camera, dictation, and, of course, the Retina display. But the improved camera and dictation was of little interest to the buyers I stood next to. 4G was important to a few but not material for others.

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