Nov 172011

Call this a rant post if you wish to, but that would not alter the truth. Symbian, the undisputed and the **only** true smartphone OS is giving Apple fanboys a good spanking on their bottoms, and the blogosphere simply doesn’t care.

First let us consider this snippet from

Apple sold 17.3 million iPhones powered by iOS software during the quarter. It’s market share actually slipped to 15 per cent from 16.6 per cent a year ago.

Surprisingly, even Nokia still sells more smartphones than Apple, handing over 19.5 million using its Symbian operating system in the third quarter.

Gartner principal analyst Roberta Cozza quoted

Apple’s iOS market share suffered from delayed purchases as consumers waited for the new iPhone.

Nokia was the overall leader in overall mobile sales in the third quarter although its market share slipped to 23.9 per cent from 28.2 per cent a year ago.

Apple fanboys will definitely argue that iPhone stats are due the iPhone 4S launch. They were waiting to buy the new iPhone. But this simply that means more people willingly bought Symbian phones, which is a dead platform, rather than an upgrade to the already established iPhone. Given the rumors that Apple pays media enough to sing glorious songs about Apple products, no such thing ever happens with Nokia. And yet we see the difference.

Given the market size and Nokia’s reach, most analyst firms drop Nokia altogether from their studies. Can someone answer why? There are very few instances when Nokia, and Symbian, have been considered in studies. This is totally unethical on the analyst’s part.

What comes as a bigger surprise that only a couple of sites have mustered the courage to publish this story. While the heavyweights keep mum. I call this a shame.

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