Oct 132011

Apple might boast of its app store being the best of them all but Android is a serious challenge to it. At the current pace, Android is expected to overtake Apple by June 2012 in terms of number of apps downloaded per month.

monthly app downloads thumb Android to surpass Apple in monthly app downloads by June 2012

The research company Xylogic has released a report which says

While Apple still leads Android overall, we already see signs of things to come. Given current growth rates Android will catch Apple by June 2012 in terms of monthly app downloads. In fact, August 2011 is the first month in which we have seen the first countries where Android was outperforming the iPhone: specifically Poland, the Czech Republic and Portugal.

But the report fails to mention a widely accepted fact, that majority of apps on different app stores are not worth it. It is only a small percentage of apps that actually counts.

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