Jun 092011

Shame is the only word that comes to my mind right now. Apple purportedly stole the concept, app, and even the logo (heck…!!!!) from an app that it pulled down from the App Store last year, only to incorporate it as a new feature in the iOS5. Shame again…!!!!

According to the Telegraph:”

The company allegedly released an app with the same functions, a near-identical logo and the same name, a year after telling the developer that his app was rejected for “security concerns” and for doing things outside the official software development kit’s limits.

Greg Hughes, a third year computer science student at the University of Birmingham, developed an application called “Wi-Fi Sync” and offered it to Apple’s App Store in May 2010. The app was designed to sync iTunes libraries with iPhones over a wireless wireless network rather than via a USB connector.

After the App Store rejected his submission Mr Hughes put his app up for sale on the Cydia store, a rival to the App Store which sells software for “jailbroken” iPhones – devices which have had the usage limitations imposed by Apple removed. The app, priced at $9.99 (£6.07), has become one of Cydia’s top products, selling more than 50,000 copies since its release.

But this Monday, Apple unveiled its new iPhone operating system, iOS 5, with an inbuilt feature also called Wi-Fi Sync, which carries out the same wireless syncing function. It also has a very similar logo

wifi sync 1916627c Apple steals students iPhone app, incorporates app into iOS5

Well this was a shocking one for Greg and he immediately sought legal advise. He is currently undergoing a difficult cyclic procedure called exams and is determined to take this matter up post his exams.

Before his app was rejected, he received a call from an App Store employee who told him that his app was fantastic but it had violated some of the principles laid down by Apple. He even invited him to join Apple once he completes graduation.

But this act is another big blot on Apple for not being innovative enough, stealing other peoples’ hard work and branding it as it’s own…..!!

What do you think about this incident??


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  2 Responses to “Apple steals student’s iPhone app, incorporates app into iOS5”

  1. The most disgusting part of this, in my opinion, is that they suggested he seek employment with Apple after he graduated. This man created a very useful product which they proceeded to steal after blocking him from their monopolized market, and their great idea is to chain him to a desk and have him make a market average salary while his creation brings them millions of dollars. Corporations need to wake the hell up. Individuals do not need them to stand in the middle of every transaction and skim off 90%+ of the value being exchanged. What should have happened, thanks primarily to the Internet and modern technology, was that the product should have been made available to anyone who cared to purchase it, and the lions share of the sale of the product should have gone to the person who actually created it. He would have been able to independently pursue any interests of his own for a very long time living off of the sales of Wifi Sync. That is the future. Individuals selling their work directly to customers, with no need for a lumbering corporation in the middle. We needed corporations when it was hard to aggregate people with like skillsets, and when distributing the work was difficult. That time has passed. Anyone can accomplish the primary service of corporations from their own basement with an Internet connection. Corporations like to play-act that they love capitalism. We’ll see exactly what they actually think of the free market when market forces are tearing their throats out.

  2. We, exactly, as of the same opinion.

    all the best…!!

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