Jan 152011

Chitika Research, also known as the people who intelligently use indirect ways to get stats, have just released a deep insight on the effects of the iPhone on Android, on the Verizon network.

According to their finding:

A sample of 2.5 million Android impressions across the Chitika ad network in January showed Verizon accounting for 55% of the operating system’s impressions, Sprint sending 25%, T-Mobile 18% and AT&T sending a mere 2%.  The reason for AT&T’s dismal Android showing is unclear, but if AT&T customers are simply choosing the iPhone because they prefer it, Android’s market share on Verizon may be in big trouble.

Android Devices by Carrier Jan2011 Research shows iPhone 4 as the ultimate threat to Android

Now since Android relies heavily on Verizon for it’s presence in the US, as it is visible from the above pie-chart, the iPhone release on Verizon means tension for Android phone makers, as they are under a direct threat of getting their share reduced.

Quite interestingly, the above chart also shows the company at most risk: AT&T. Having already lost quite a share of it’s iPhone customers (This will happen soon, so take it as a prophecy), and the Android platform is also not doing good on AT&T.

Let us hope AT&T learns a lesson from this and takes the right steps to avoid losses in future…!!

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