Oct 242010

The biggest difference between Mac OS and iOS is that the first allows users to install apps from any source. Even though Apple recently started a Mac OS app store, the “sideloading” facility will remain open-

Engadget now reports the following from a meeting with Steve Jobs:

We actually got a chance to talk to Steve Jobs at the event yesterday and asked him if the iPhone would eventually allow apps to be sideloaded from other sources in addition to being installed from the App Store, as is the situation with the Mac App Store. His answer? “Not at this time.” Whether or not that means it’ll happen at some time is depends on how much of an optimist you are, but hey — at least it wasn’t a flat no.

Keep one thing in mind: as competition heats up, Apple will need every sale it can get. If enough users want side-loading, they will get it one day before they defect to Android

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