Jul 172010

Palm’s take-over by HP was said to be a pretty intense bidding process. However, nobody revealed the involved parties so far.

BusinessInsider now reports the following:

* Apple was mostly interested in Palm’s huge library of intellectual property and patents … And unlike some other bidders, Apple even seemed committed to funding Palm’s operations, perhaps to challenge RIM’s dominance in the keyboarded segment of the smartphone industry, our source says.

* RIM basically had the deal in its hands and “had to work incredibly hard to blow it,” … RIM initially came in higher than HP

* Google, likely interested in Palm’s intellectual property, supposedly only wanted it because Google thought Apple might want it. But Google supposedly didn’t know Apple was actually bidding for Palm, so it didn’t proceed.

* Nokia, bizarrely, wasn’t anywhere near the deal.

Hit the link below to find out more:

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