Apr 272010

We’ve seen images of Android running on an iPhone 2G – unfortunately, no step-by-step tutorial has been made available so far. Fortunately, this just changed thanks to Android a Lot.

The howto starts off as following:

… I’ve finally managed to get Android working and thought I’d write up a clear tutorial for anyone who wants to do it. Remember, I did this all on a Mac, but it should be possible on Windows or Linux too. Windows users just get the Windows version of VirtualBox.

The end result is far from a fully working Android system. It’s Android 1.6 with basic features – calls, texts, WiFi but no camera and probably a few Force Closes. It’s easy to upgrade Android versions once you’ve managed to get to the end of this tutorial so there’s no harm in getting the hard part out of the way now!

Hit the link below to find out more:

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