Apr 072010

Apple’s decision to pair with AT&T has been both blessing and curse for the US’s largest GSM carrier – while sales have skyrocketed, network loads have become an ever-escalating problem ever since. Verizon uses CDMA, and has traditionally had a great network; rumors about a Verizon iPhone have thus started quickly.

Engadget now reports about a Wall Street Journal interview as follows:

For the first time, Seidenberg confirmed that he has told Apple that he wants Verizon to carry the iPhone, adding that “we’re open to getting the device,”and that “our network is capable of handling it.”

So far, Verizon has not had too many issues with its lack of an iPhone – other smartphones have more than made up for the lack of the i device. However, a Verizon iPhone would definitely be a nice PR stunt – let’s see how this plays out…

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