Feb 222010

iphone flash message Mark Suster on Flash for iPhoneWhen it comes to Flash on the iPhone, millions of users have shown their interest in the product in the past. The need is here – and nobody really understands why Apple doesn’t pull the plug.

Mark Suster now claims the following:

- They don’t allow Flash on their devices. Very knowledgeable and cynical people I’ve spoken with have given me a flavor of why. There are so many free Flash games now where the owners of the handset and OS wouldn’t be able to have a cut in the revenue if they were widely distributed on iPhones. In stead, you have to go through the Apple gatekeeper and pay an Apple toll to develop applications for their phones. This isn’t open innovation. This is a return to the carrier mindset. People like Fred Wilson have written about this topic (and gotten attacked – so I’m prepared for it!)

If we look at Apple’s top lists in the past, we see loads and loads of games generating revenue – if Apple would get competition by free Flash games, the situation for individual developers would become significantly more difficult due to larger competition. Applications never made much money on the App Store by the way…

Not much to add here…

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