Oct 152009

Chinese readers wanting to get their hands onto an iPhone were left in the rain for some time: no carrier offered the device so far. China Unicom has an “exclusivity” of some sort in place, and has claimed to launch the device “soon” for quite a few times.

ChinaTechNews now reports the following:

Chinese telecom operator China Unicom has announced that it will formally start to sell Apple’s iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS handsets in mainland China from October 30, 2009.

Prior to this announcement, China Unicom launched a 24-month contract program for the iPhone products. Binding with a two-year iPhone contract, consumers will gain preferential offers when buying iPhone products and services. Recently, China Unicom announced prices for iPhones without binding contracts, which are CNY4,999 for the iPhone 3G 8GB handset, CNY5,880 for the iPhone 3GS 16GB handset, and CNY6,999 for the iPhone 3GS 32GB handset.

As we have already seen loads and loads of rumored announcements, I’ll not get my hearts up too much – let’s see what happens on the 30th.

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