Sep 302009

Apple’s iPhone has been said to have various call quality-related eekers especially when used on AT&T’s traditionally overloaded network.

So far, so good – but the story below sounds a bit mind-boggling (via Gizmodo):

Giz reader Manoj took his iPhone to the Genius Bar to have it looked at because it was dropping calls left and right, … stat dump, the Genius showed Manoj that his iPhone had actually dropped 22 percent of calls.
The jawdropper: The Genius told Manoj that’s actually excellent compared to most people in the New York area, where a 30 percent dropped call rate is the average. There was nothing Apple could do for Manoj.

Even though all of this could be an artificial ruckus raised to generate extra advertising budget (these things do happen), Apple and AT&T have been surprisingly silent on the topic.

This could very well mean that there is some truth to the story – how has your iPhone experience gone so far?

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