Aug 232009

Apple has been getting an unduly large amount of press due to the FCC’s investigation into the pulling of a Google Voice app – this has apparently made someone high up the Apple food chain uncomfortable and led to the following, somewhat weird decisions:

Apple contacts developers of rejected apps
A company called Start Mobile had one of its picture gallery applications rejected over a portrait of an US politician. Apple now got back in touch with them as follows:

After further investigation, we have decided that Start Mobile Wallpaper Gallery is in compliance with our SDK agreement & PLA. We would like to ask that you resubmit Start Mobile Wallpaper Gallery at your earliest convenience if you would still like this application considered for the App Store. Please let me know once your binary has been uploaded and I will ensure an expedited review.

C64 emulator could be on the way
The following correspondence has recently taken place on Twitter:
iphone c64 Apple overhauling App Store approvals
iphone c64 1 Apple overhauling App Store approvals
iphone c64 2 Apple overhauling App Store approvals

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