Jul 282009

Many have considered Apple’s iPhone App Store to be an effective deterrent to application piracy – unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

Bram Stolk, the developer of an iPhone game called “The little Tank that could”, has posted the following to his official blog:

For the first 5 days on the store, it sold 20, 10, 5, 2 and 8 copies. A total of 45 copies sold. That was disheartening.

Now, my game has an online leader board. The players with the best times show up on a ranking. The leader board is consulted when you play the game, so that it can be displayed on the phone. When I took a look at my server logs, I was absolutely astonished. There were 1114 different people in the logs!

So here they are, people, the cold hard facts: for every game you sell on the appstore, there are 24 pirates playing a bootleg copy. Out of 25 people, only one will choose to pay. So how much money are they saving anyway by pirating? Well… that would be a whole 1 dollar 99. A sad bunch really.

As his figures add up, I dare to say that we should all welcome the iPhone to the world pf piracy – piracy for the iPhone is now just as bad as on most other platforms (if not worse). Of course, his game is especially attractive for tech heads (who are more into piracy, than, say lovers of card games) – but it nevertheless proves that iPhone piracy is now a mainstream problem…

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