May 212009

0a Samsung and LG sell 20 million touchscreen phones eachTelecomsKorea reports the following:

Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, the world’s No. 2 and No. 4 makers of mobile phones, each reported Sunday that sales of their touch-screen handsets have surpassed 20 million units.

Both companies reached the 20-million milestone about two years after they began selling such products.

Even though this may sound like a huge number, a quick look at the product lines of the two manufacturers should put this into perspective. Even though both Samsung and LG have Windows Mobile phones (and Samsung furthermore has an – unreleased – S60V5 phone), the majority of sales probably come from dumbphones with a touchscreen.

For example: Samsung has flooded the Austrian market with devices based on its “UltraTouch” system. These devices look like the Omnia HD…but are about as smart as a fly…

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