Dec 242008

It’s this part of the year again: while the rest of the world is running around celebrating and accepting usury cup deposits of more than 2 Euros per cup, yours truly is sitting in front of his MSI Wind U100, creating a reflection on the events of the year.

From an Apple point of view, 2009 will not be the year for high-end releases. The reason is not in Apple’s control: carriers bind customers for 18 to 24 months nowadays – releasing a product now would create a lot of unhappy folk.

Furthermore, the Cupertinians can not win much by releasing yet another high-end machine. All “rich” clients already have an iPhone or iPhone 3G – if the market share should increase significantly, Apple must go for new customer types (who are not willing to pay as much as an iPhone 3G costs).

Thus, the major job for the Apple folks is the diversity of the platform: a smaller device must be introduced which – while being powerful enough to attract customers – does not threaten iPhone 3G sales.

Looking at the software side: the iTunes App Store will IMHO experience a shakedown in terms of price ranges soon. Applications sold for less than 10$ are difficult to support and update while remaining profitable. This will entice developers to reduce their support efforts. But: once developers switch to the “RyanAir business model”, customer satisfaction will drop.

Apple folk will live in interesting times – stay tuned to TamsIJungle to remain on top!

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