Nov 132008

As the iTunes store currently does not allow the dispatching of press samples, many developers have switched over to using .mobileprovision files instead. While these files were intended for beta testers rather than members of the press/public, they work pretty well…if you adhere to the following:

You need an iTunes account
This is pretty devious from Apple: if you don’t have an iTunes account, you can’t run mobileprovision files (at least, I couldn’t). So, the first step involves getting an iTunes account (with fake data, select None as payment method and you are set to go).

You need to have at least one app installed and appearing on your PC
Install one app to your mobile device (I used Google Earth – available for free from the iTunes app store), and synchronize your device to make the program appear on the desktop (in the media library, under Applications). If the “Applications” tab is not visible, running .mobileprovision files usually does not work!

Once these two conditions are met, hit the link below for further instructions:
Install an AdHoc distribution

P.S: You can rename the file to anything you like as long as the .mobileprovision extension remains the same. As iTunes requires that each “profile” has an unique name, renaming the files can be very helpful..

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