Sep 042008

Unfortunately, Apple’s iPods have started to show signs of age (compared to the extremely cheap iPhone 3G) – some Austrian stores have even removed the iPod touch from their shelves.
top us 540x405 Remember, remember, the 9th of September

The image above hits us via CNet – it looks like Apple will hold an iPod-related launch event in San Francisco on September the 9th. As of now, nobody really knows what will be unveiled – however, updates to the iPod Nano and iPod touch are very likely.

First of all: the price of Apple’s Nano iPod has been in a free fall for the last months: every retailer in Austria who has the box tries to peddle it frantically. This usually is a pretty clear sign: the successor is coming very soon.

As for the iPod touch: prices of 500€ and more for the 32GB model make it uncompetitive compared to the iPhone 3G, which costs just 200€ OTC. Apple will either reduce the prices, integrate a very good camera or decrease capacities significantly – something interesting is in the bush IMHO.

Our advice is very clear: don’t buy any Apple product until September the 9th…

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