Aug 252008

A certain Cupertino-based company has proved itself to be masters of the head-in-the-sand policy…as it is applied whenever one of its products has an issue. Thus, the recent admission regarding the connection issues on the iPhone 3G can be considered a 100% proof that there really is something in the bush.

The question is: hardware or software error?

Former Apple employee Chuq Von Rospach has repeatedly claimed that the problem is Infineon’s fault: according to him, the disconnections are caused by the driver for the 3G radio.

The Swedish firm Bluetest has performed radio tests with the 3G, and has pitted it against a Nokia N73 and Sony Ericsson’s aging P1i smartphone. Surprisingly, the device has performed excellently, beating the P1i in some tests.

Apparently, it really is a software issue after all – looks like firmware updating got a while lot more exiting for some of you ;) .

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